Essential Junior Information

Essential Information For Parents, Carers & Players
( please keep this safe! )

Manager/Lead Coach: Brian Mobberley 07812 723 635
Coach: Mark Readstone 07790 401 868
Coach: Simon Laird
Club Welfare Officer: Gill Hutchings 07724 658 465 // 01452 790 704
( Gill should be contacted direct if there are any personal concerns)
Club Treasurer Liz Readstone 07917 800 900
(This note is broadcast via age group so apologies to those already playing senior hockey).

Dear Parent/Carer,

Welcome to a new season!
Several boys from last season have now moved on into senior hockey & we wish them well.
Also a warm welcome to all the newcomers from last years’ U12’s group.
This season marks the 12th anniversary of the Gloucestershire Badgers Circle.
For newcomers, Badgers Hockey is the stepping stone between junior & senior hockey .
Boys are selected to play, starting on an occasional basis & based on ability, safety
& training attendances. Even if not selected to play, boys are encouraged to attend
home games as a lot can be learnt just by watching.
Selection for matches is normally actioned by text messaging to parent/carers & prompt
replies are desirable & encouraged.
The club website contains comprehensive information including club policies, Codes
Of Conduct, Rules For Children and Child Protection Information. We ask that parents
familiarise themselves with these documents.
We do ask that you keep your contact details including meds current with us –
you are able to do this online on our secure database at
If you prefer please jot down the changes on paper & hand to the appropriate
club officer.
For the Badgers matches club colours are red shirt, black shorts, red socks.
All kit is available from ‘The Stick Club’, 18 Andover Road Cheltenham GL50 2EQ.
to keep costs down there is no need to buy the ‘Away’ white shirt; where there are
clashes I ask boys to wear a white tee shirt or similar & I will also provide bibs.
For new players a shirt number will be issued by the shop & printed on the shirt.
For your diary – Training: MONDAYS 5.30pm to 7.00 pm at Plock Court GL2 9DW
Training runs September 11th to December 18th 2017 inclusive
and January 8th to March 26th inclusive. 2018
No training 23rd October or February 12th due to school holidays.

Expectations / Duty Of Care – Volunteers, Parents, Players

Being a junior club member means there is a contract between members, parent/carers
and the club – with expectations from all parties. Some of these are outlined below.
1. Communication – if a player has been selected for a match then subsequently
becomes unavailable please contact the relevant club officer asap.
2. In extreme weather conditions please check with session leader/s before leaving
your child – we will not run sessions on a frozen pitch
3. Please be punctual for all events – a late start means a shortened activity & has led
to players becoming injured due to not being properly warmed up
4. Everyone to represent the club in a proper, decent & sporting manner.
5. For Badgers matches please ensure players have the correct match fee – which
remains at £5 – & is paid following the match. Hospitality is a major part of hockey
& we ask all parents/carers to bring their charges back to the Riverside Club following
home matches to host our guests & for food which is included in the match fee.
6. Safety Notes – no player will be allowed to participate in any events without
shin pads. Mouth guards (gumshields) are also highly desirable, as is a padded left
hand glove to protect the knuckles. Please encourage the wearing of all these items
from an early age to ensure it becomes a safety habit. Non-fizzy hydration liquids
in plastic bottles & extra warm clothing should be brought to all activites.
7. Coaching & Training – all players are expected to regularly attend coaching sessions
provided for them or they may not be considered for competition selection. Exceptions
are made for those selected for GHA County training where slots clash.
Junior hockey is a learning environment allowing youngsters to develop their game
in a non-pressure & safe environment.
We’re bound to say that we will not tolerate disruptive or unruly behaviour.
Please note that several in this group will not play regular weekly matches –
– it is as their ability increases that they will start to make demands on the Badgers
squad as regular key players. Parent/carers please note that bench rest & substitution
is very much a part of the modern, fast game.
8. Transport to away matches – we rely completely on parent/carers for this – fuel cost
reimbursement is possible. If you are able to help just let us know. Badgers home
matches are often first on – which usually means we need help from adults for
moving heavy equipment; hockey goals have rear rollers but are deliberately heavy
so they don’t blow over.
9. Sponsorship – as an amateur club we are always seeking ways of keeping costs
down. The more sponsorship we can attact the better. If you have ideas for fund
raising, have particular expertise in grant application or know of any person or
company possibly willing to sponsor the club please let us know.
10. Annual Subscriptions – see <> then click on <Subscriptions>
There are always those who both have and believe they have special circumstances.
The club is very used to dealing with these situations & there are various options available
Any questions or queries to Liz Readstone please – she is very approachable.
Finally We wish all the players, parent/carers & club volunteers all the best
for the coming season.
Brian, Mark & Simon.